ROC Annual Filing

For the individual companies of any strength or revenue return, it is very definite to have a legitimate and disciplined annual compliance maintained. There are classifications of annual compliances in two parts, they are:-

  • Compliance engaging administration
  • Compliance engaging accountability

Administration related

  • Visit for audit is a process to start with Statutory Auditor which must be designated within 30 days of joining in first executive gathering (E – form – ADT – 1)
  • Commencing board meeting is Initially meeting within 30 days of incorporation
  • Organizing an annual general meeting is when the extreme difference of 15 months between 2 AGMs is maintained.
  • E forms filing requirements that include a record of Annual Return inside 60 days of holding of AGM for the period first April to 31st March. (E – form – MGT – 7 and many others)
  • Report by the director is a well-maintained journal filing that is It an ought to be marked by the “Administrator” approved by the Board, where he isn’t so approved by no less than 2 Directors.
  • Judicial roosters and accounts journal is another important part which needs to be maintained thoroughly.
  • Introducing and maintaining financial authorities which plays an important role in compliance services.

Accountability related

  • Installment of occasional levies such as TDS, GST Liability, and TCS installment.
  • Recording of occasional returns by GST returns of yearly, quarterly even monthly, and TDS
  • Quarterly Returns of TDS.
  • Evaluation of propelling impose risk and installment of propelling assess intermittently
  • Documenting of Income Tax Returns which is payable at a level rate of 30% or more Education Cess
  • Documenting of Tax Audit Report
  • Administrative Assessment of business under various demonstrations of law.


To file annual compliance services for Pvt. Limited company, the following steps are needed to be taken care of.

  • Screen elements.
  • Know state necessities.
  • Document reports.
  • Unify yearly report work process duty.
  • Formalize element status change warnings.
  • Set up alarms for reprobate substances.
  • Exploit innovation.
  • Foundation a substance records framework.
  • Acquire master help.

A Private Limited Company needs to keep up different statutory registers and records as required by the Company law, for example, Enroll of offers, Enlist of Individuals, Enlist of Executives and so on. In addition, Joining reports of the company, Resolutions of the gatherings of the Top managerial staff, Minutes of the Executive Gatherings and Yearly Broad Gathering and so on are likewise required to be saved by the Company.

Such records are to be kept at the enrolled office of the company and might be open for review to its individuals amid business hours. Likewise, the books of record of each company identifying with a time of at least eight money related years ought to be saved and kept in great demand.

Annual compliance services for Pvt. Limited companies are considered to be the ultimate gear for managing the major part of a running company. Any company with a failure or delayed annual compliance service is not considered to be a successful running company and is seen falling back very often in the competitive market.


  • BASIC: Rs.13500/- for Companies whose turnover is less than Rs.10 Lakhs.
  • STANDARD: RS. 27000/- for companies whose turnover is above Rs.10 lakhs less than Rs.50 Lakhs.
  • PREMIUM: RS. 36000/- for companies whose turnover is above Rs.50 lakhs less than Rs.100 Lakhs.


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