Private Limited Company Registration

A Private limited company is now the most prominent corporate substance among little, medium and vast organizations in India because of different favorable circumstances. The private limited company registration is a company registration process privately held for independent companies. This sort of business substance limits proprietor risk to their shareholdings, a wide number of investors are acknowledged and confines investors from openly exchanging shares. Around the country, there is an uncountable number of such private limited company who are successfully registering almost every day and making their grasp on the business market a valuable one. There are various advantages and hardly any defects of this kind of company registration.

  • Registration within 7 days.
  •  Incorporate from any corner of India – Entire Online Procedure
  • Hassle free and Cost effective.
  • Client friendly support.
  • No hidden charges, Misc, fees and other charges.
  • Professional and experienced legal team.


Limited Liability: One critical favorable position of operating a private limited company is that the monetary risk of investors is restricted to their offers. Along these lines, if a Pvt. Ltd. company was in a bad position and needed to close, investors would not chance to lose their own benefits.

Detached Legal Entity: An element implies something which has a genuine presence; a thing with particular presence. A company is a lawful element and a juristic individual is a man who isn’t a characteristic individual or person. The individuals of a company have no risk to the loan bosses of a company for such obligations and accordingly accounted as a different substance in the true blue frame.

Proprietorship of Company: An independent company being a juristic individual, can obtain, claim, appreciate and estrange, property in its own particular name. No investor can generate any allegation upon the estate of the association inasmuch as the association is a going concern.

Twofold Alliance: In the company type of association it is workable for a company to make a legitimate and viable contract with any of its individuals. Along these lines, a man can in the meantime be an investor, loan boss, chief and furthermore a worker of the company.

Check List:

  • Minimum 2 Shareholders
  • Minimum 2 Directors
  • The directors and shareholders can be same person
  • Minimum Share Capital shall be 100,000 (INR One Lac)
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) for all the Directors
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all the Directors
DIN & Digital Signature Requirements: (Please provide below mentioned documents for all the Directors).

Document Particulars:
1.  Passport size photograph
2.  PAN Card
3.  Proof of Identity: (SELF ATTESTED) (Any one of the below)

    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport copy (mandatory for Foreign Nationals/NRIs/PIO card holders)
    • Driving License
    • Voter ID
  1. Proof of Residence: (SELF ATTESTED) (Any one of the below)
    • Electricity bill
    • Telephone bill
    • Bank Account Statement
    • Mobile bill
  1. Proof of Registered Office Address:
    • Conveyance/Sale deed or Lease deed or Rent Agreement along with the rent receipts; &
      Any one of the below:
      Electricity Bill OR Telephone Bill OR Gas Bill OR Mobile Bill

Step by Step Procedure

  • To acquire Director Identification Number for those who are the suggested directors for the company.
  • To achieve Digital Signature for the director of the company.
  • To apply to create a new name for the company with a addition of private limited company. The name should be acceptable according to the law of name formation.
  • To register embodiment of Private Limited Company.
  • To sign up for the Private Limited Company.
  • To grant the Certification of Incorporation.

The above-mentioned company registration process and advantages are not at all different for Private Limited Company Registration in Andhra and Telangana. It is very user-friendly these days to register your company by the hand of online support. Company registration in Andhra Pradesh is now very fluent with registering via Online CA. It is said that business entrepreneurs are already way busy in forming a company. So, an Online CA is the best and most valuable solution for such independent companies to register their companies for Private limited company registration right from their device with while they can run other work at the same time.

Basic Plan

Rs 6399/-
  • 2 Digital signatures
  • 2 DIN’s
  • Name Approval certificate
  • MOA & AOA
  • Incorporation certificate
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank account opening documents

Standard Plan

Rs 7299/-
  • 2 Digital signatures
  • 2 DIN’s
  • Name Approval certificate
  • MOA & AOA
  • Incorporation certificate
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank account opening documents
  • GST registration


Rs 11299/-
  • 2 Digital signatures
  • 2 DIN’s
  • Name Approval certificate
  • MOA & AOA
  • Incorporation certificate
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank account opening documents
  • GST registration
  • Website(Static 5 Pages)

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